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Tired quickly ?
Not enough stamina ?
Or just want to lose weight ?
Then this training program is for You.
What is the advantage of the training program "Mr. Stamina" ?
First, in that you do not need to leave the house, do not need a gym and any exercise equipment to improve your endurance and become stronger, just great motivation and only 4 minutes a day.
Only 4 minutes a day will replace you with 30 minutes of intense running, and plus it will improve the performance of your chest and shoulder muscles, which you will not get while Running.
How to do ?
This program is an interval training, in which You need to do the exercise "Burpee" for 4 minutes, with short intervals of rest in 10 seconds.
This method is often called "TABATA Protocol" or "TABATA timer". For 20 seconds you do the "Burpee" exercise, the next 10 seconds - rest, and so on until the end of all rounds.
And in just a month* of workouts you will see an incredible improvement in your endurance and your cardio will be at a new level.
You can choose 3 levels of difficulty depending on your fitness. Each level has its own time duration of training and a different number of rounds.
This program improves your endurance and chest, shoulder and leg muscles.
As scientists note, very often people when don't notice results after 1-2 trainings, think that it doesn't help them and cease to be engaged.
Consistency plays an important role, and you need to not miss a workout and do an exercise every two days.
To maintain your motivation after each workout You will be presented with the progress of the training as well as a scale indicating the level of your endurance, and the muscles involved in this exercise.
Try it now, and in a month you will be grateful to yourself that you started today)
Good luck to improving Cardio.



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