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Listen live to your favourite Russian radio stations and to your preferred program with Radio Russia. Wherever you are, in Russia or abroad, at home or in mobility, our application allows you to have easy access to the best and most popular Russian radio stations. Culture, music, sport, news, humour… you find everything there!
Several functionalities are the strength and originality of Radio Russia:
- An extremely simple and intuitive user interface which allows you to select, with a just click, the radio which you want to listen to or to change radio stations in a ultra-fast way.
- A wide choice of radios, of any categories, based on the last audience research:
• Generalist radio stations: Авторадио, Радио России, Москва FM… and their numerous news broadcasts, entertainment programmes or cultural programmes.
• Music radio stations: Европа Плюс, Онлайн радио, Радио Шансон, Хит FM and many others that offer the best of pop, rock, Jazz, Blues, House, Techno, etc.
• Sport and news radios stations: Вести FM, Спорт FM, Business FM, Эхо Москвы … and their fascinating sports, political or economic debates.
• Local radio stations: for local news and information (Cities: Moscow/ Москва, Saint Petersbourg / Санкт-Петербург, Novosibirsk / Новосибирск, Yekaterinburg / Екатеринбург, Nizhny Novgorod / Нижний Новгород, Samara / Самара, Omsk / Омск, Kazan / Казань, Chelyabinsk / Челябинск, Rostov-on-Don / Ростов-на-Дону, Ufa / Уфа, Volgograd / Волгоград …)
Radio Russia is also:
- A listening in the background that allows you to do other activities on your Smartphone whilst continuing to listen to your favourite station.
- An easy management of your favourites list: you can modify the order of appearance of your radios whenever you feel like it. And you can hide simply and quickly stations that you aren’t interested in.
- A daily and continuous follow-up on our part to repair as fast as possible audio streaming dysfunctions. These repairs not require an update of the application. So, no action on your part is required.
Our team is dedicated to providing a superior quality of experience for the user. Of course, we remain open to your comments and suggestions. Do not hesitate to leave us a message or an encouragement via Play Store.
Below, the available radio stations:
- Европа Плюс
- Авторадио
- Русское Радио
- Радио Маяк
- Радио России
- Онлайн радио
- Радио Шансон
- Дорожное радио
- Радио Дача
- Ретро FM
- Хит FM
- Юмор FM
- Эхо Москвы
- Love Radio
- Милицейская волна
- Радио ENERGY
- Вести FM
- Радио Рекорд
- Наше Радио
- Радио 7 на семи холмах
- Business FM
- Спорт FM
- Детское Радио
- Серебряный Дождь
- Комсомольская правда
- Радио Romantika
- Радио Мир
- Радио Звезда
- Радио Монте-Карло
- Comedy Radio
- Rock FM
- Relax FM
- Like FM
- Говорит Москва
- Радио Джаз
- мегаполис фм
- КоммерсантъFM
- Радио Шоколад
- Москва FM
- Радио Best FM
- Восток FM
- Радио Культура
- Такси FM
- Весна FM
- Новое Радио
- Радио Пилот
- Питер FM
- Радио Образ
- NN-Radio
- Волгоград FM
- Радио Си
- Джем FM
- Радио СК
- Рок-Арсенал
- Радио Спутник
- Город FM
- Народная Волна PHB
- Кекс FM
- Радио ВЕРА
- Capital FM
- Radio Metro
- Nostalgie FM
- Радио Эрмитаж
- Эльдорадио
- Кот ФМ
- Балтика
- Радио Зенит
- Страна FM
- Радио Орфей
- Радио Карнавал
- Фонтанка
- Радио Рандеву
- БИМ-радио
- Воскресение
Warning: Radio Russia requires an Internet connection 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi and depends on the radio broadcast. Some stations can be temporarily unavailable.



Version: 1.4

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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