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If you have the spine, then state it out. Else, you are a spineless creature.If you were spineless, your skull wouldnt be supported. And you wouldnt have a cranial cavity. You are here because you have a lot of soft grey matter in your cranium. You are here after having used your distal phalanges in the touch screen of your android device. You are here because you radius rotated correctly in the right proportion and all of your carpals and metacarpals and phalanges are working fine. Even while reading this, your mandible and maxilla are touching each other, whether you are masticating food or words and you dont need to care if your facial bones articulate correctly with each other to keep you sensible in your senses. Your finer senses can articulate the articulations from legato to portato because the stapes articulated correctly with the incus. While you are still not a lunatic and your lunates are working fine, create the symphony of your bones knowledge with this superbly simple and small app on skeletons and bones. note This app can be used offline.This app is free This app is AD free.

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