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Non-anthropomorphic form, Concentric Eyes, Renewable Body, Scientific proportions, Brahminical and Tantric Practices, Well Attired, Well Mannered, Secret Soul, million folklores and infinite and boundless spiritual energy, and a size so huge, the word Juggernaut is derived from his name.
Unique in all parameters, Lord Jagannath, the nath (Lord) of the Jagan or Jagat (Universe) i.e. the Lord of the Universe, dwells in the heart of all his devotees.
This app intends to showcase a slice of the mystery and mysticism of Lord Jagannath. Stories of the cult of Lord Jagannath, starting from the tales of Viswabasu, entwined with tales of the various emperors and their love and hate relationship and souped up with palm leaf inscriptions in the Madala Panji all find mention in this app.
Here, you also get a chance to get yourself blessed electronically while reciting the Jagannatnastakam or the Jagannath Suprabhatam or the Ashtotttaram.
You can also read about the inspirational stories of his devotees cutting across religion. This app will help you seek the commonness between Guru Nanak or Sal Beg or Ganapati Bhatta.
And if you are looking at visiting any of the Jagannath temples where you can peacefully seek solace and submit yourself to the Lord, we have a list of temples along with their pictures to speed up your salvation.
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 2.1 or later


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