Real Smart Car Parking Crane

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Car Parking Crane and drifting is an automated mechanized parking challenge and simulator game. There are multiple vehicles are available for driving and parking. Amazingly economical solution to car parking games problems and ultimately transform modern world parking problem while driving cars. Play Smart Crane Car Parking Driving game to drive luxury cars and operate rotary parking crane. Multi level crane is used to park vehicle and transport them to car dealers. An economical solution replacing the multi-level parking lot with skyhigh elevated parking machine. This game all kinds of luxury car and you have the best car driving and smart car parking skills to play this game. Forget about the offroad 4x4 Prado driving or of offroad truck driving you just need to drive the smart car driving and park in the give place i.e car parking crane. Park underground and attest the authority of becoming the legend of the multi story car parking. This game is with totally new concept in the vast dominion of machine-driven system and it has been designed to solve the ever increasing issue of parking system of parking games. The player has to perform the action of multi-story car parking by performing exact parking before the heavy and condensed traffic of the Smart Parking Crane of the car transporter games. This futuristic vehicle can be placed next to skyscrapers, shopping malls and plaza in business district of NY city to resolve extreme traffic problems. Multi-Level crane consumes space of two automobile parking lots. Cars can be parked at one time by rotating parking spots using lever. Be an expert sports car driver as you have to transport expensive vintage cars to showrooms around town.
Multi-level car parking crane transport truck driver is automated mechanized to provide reliable solution of old sports car parking game problems. Operate mall car parking crane transport tuck in urban areas to resolve city traffic rush problem outside shopping malls, restaurants or kids school games. Park cars at once in multiple storeys of vertical auto truck crane near parking building & multiple levels plaza. Maneuver multi level car parking crane transporter without collision parked in sport car parking game lots. This multilevel elevated machine is easy yet technical to operate. Use majestic lever to rotate manual crane and find empty parking spot.
Download Real Smart Parking Crane free games now and experience car driving game and smart crane parking in best transforming simulator.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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