Real oriental Violin simulator

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this violin musical instrument is the only violin musical instrument that has up to 36 rhythm styles with 13 minor and majour accords with special note tunes for oriental type music with quarter flat tunes
this app simulates the violin as good as you can't know its the mobile app sound if you dont see the app
belive me , just try it
you will love it just see the video and then download it
the most important features that made this application special are :
1 - up to 36 rhythm styles
2 - 13 majour and minor accords that are used in this type of music
3 - 12 different selectable tunes with special quarter flat tunes
4 - the real violin sound
5 - transpose ability from -20 to +20 percent
6 - volumes mix ability for accords , rhythms and instruments
7 - up to 6 different pad sounds such as laugh , applause , ...
8 - 2 octaves
9 - pitch and vibration with moving finger on wires
10 - easy using and simple menus for every one even if don't know any thing about musics
please just take a look to this violin musical instrument application video , its free to download don't hesitate
you can see the video with this link :



Version: 2.4

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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