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Increasingly, students face difficulties in research. Ignorance of methods, information taken from wrong sources, incorrectly structured ideas lead to poor-quality research. In the current conditions of the development of the system of higher education, the research activities of students are becoming more and more relevant. It is very important to be able to purposefully process the available information, to search and supplement it with the missing information, to know the laws of its optimal use, to predict the results of the activity, using its intellectual and creative potential. The main objective of this mobile application is to offer for students who want to write research work, but do not know “How to start?”
• The app describes the research methods; there are definitions and types of research.
Research can be classified in many different ways on the basis of the methodology of research, the knowledge it creates, the user group, the research problem it investigates etc.
• The next is Guidelines. In this part, the user learns about the ethics of writing research papers. We all know that scientific research, articles, scientific journals play a major role in research, so we must clearly and correctly describe our thoughts and not forget about the rules of writing.
• And feature from other applications, we can begin the project with a ready template. After the end, it will show us our work in the pdf format.
• There is a quiz that asks questions in the scatter. You are given 30 seconds to choose the correct answer.
We created a systematic network in a special way. First, the user learns about the research and the methods that he chooses for his method and theme. Then he learns to write all this without going beyond the rules. Then it looks at an example of one work. Then he writes his work. In addition, the project is downloaded to his phone, and he can send an email or print it, now it is at his disposal.
If you carefully study the material, you can learn a lot of it.



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