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◀ Reverse Video is an app that lets you make a reverse video.
◀ You can either select a video from your gallery or you can record a new video with your camera.
◀ The app will make a new video file that will reproduce the original film playing backwards.
◀ Make very creative & funny films by creating an inverted video.
◀ Reverse Video FX is an app that lets you make a reverse video that looks like a magic trick.
◀ You can record the video or choosed it from gallery if already exist.
◀ You can also use Slow Motion Video Maker, converts your choosed video to play in slow motion.
◀ Using Fast motion video, you can speed up your video.
◀ You select your video in gallery or camera & play in slow & fast motion effect.
◀ Select video from your gallery or record through your camera.
◀ Cut Video using Video Cutter as you like.
◀ Tap Reverse video button to reverse you desire video easily.
◀ Reverse video to make video in backwards mode, magic video.
◀ Keep or remove audio when reverse.
◀ Video cutter to trim & edit video.
◀ Slow motion video to slow down video speed
◀ Fast motion video to increase video speed
◀ Support various formats of videos: MP4, FLV,MKV,AVI,...
◀ Share your videos to your friends.
◀ Reverse downloaded & camera recorded Video.
◀ Choose a clip from long duration video & reverse it.
◀ Get a reversed video with original or reversed audio.
◀ Share Your creations with friends & family.
◀ Output Gallery for your creations, so that you can watch them later.
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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