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**Won the T store awards in the Language/Education category**
**Selected as the best app in Mobile Awards**
**Patent registered app**
All the essential sentences for conversations in a foreign language have been collected and stored in one app!!
★With the RightNow English Conversation app, you can communicate with people in other countries, anywhere in the world.
★ Key Features
*Interactive translation for conversations in a foreign language, including a native speaker's pronunciation reference
- Unlike TTS, you can hear high-quality pronunciations from native speakers
*A total of 30,000 phrases in 12 categories
- As this app contains various categories and context-specific sentences, you can communicate with people in other countries by taking full advantage of this app without additional material (phrase books, dictionaries, etc.).
*Word conversion
- You can easily change a word in a sentence.
*Interpretation function
- Interpretation available immediately through voice recognition
*Today’s expression widget
- You can add the widget on the home screen to study expressions whenever you want.
*Notifications of today’s expression
- You are notified with conversation sentences every day at the time you set.
*Recent sentences & Favorite sentences
- When traveling abroad or studying, you can save a sentence to Favorite sentences and use it whenever you want.
*Question and answer list
- You can make a list of what you have learned in the Q&A form.
*Dialog screen
- You can communicate with people in other countries by exchanging questions and answers.
*Only available for a question sentence where the answer is provided.
*Phonetic transcription for Korean, Chinese and Japanese
- You can learn word or expression while checking its pronunciation.
*Voice playback sensor
- Show the screen to the person you are talking. The app automatically plays a native speaker's voice using the gyro sensor.
*Sending an e-mail or text message
- You can easily send or share a simple message in a foreign language via text message, e-mail or other instant messaging programs!
*Voice search
- If you need to speak quickly, just say a word! You can find any sentence you want!
Now it’s time to get away from the outdated conversation books and enjoy RightNow Conversation that guarantees your best travel experience yet!



Version: 1.2.5

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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