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Robi Axiata Limited “Robi” is marching steadily to embrace MAD (Modern. Agile. Digital) culture in everything it does to be ‘a true digital champion’.
Aligned with this objective, Robi is continually bringing various digital services for its valued services.
In parallel, Robi is working to digitize all its internal processes and activities for easy and convenient experience of its employees. RobiLife is one of such initiatives to offer best possible experiences to all current employees of Robi.
In the current version, RobiLife offers various services for its employee base:
1) Buy and Sell: This feature enables the employees to buy, sell or exchange amongst other colleagues.
2) Ride Sharing: Considering broader aspects of global warming, reduction of carbon emission, optimal use of resources to just increasing bondage amongst the colleagues, it is preferred if one employee can give a lift to another colleague to and from the office. This friendly/ non-commercial ride sharing will help the employees to strengthen his/her professional network within the company.
3) Seek & Find: Robi Employee Family with its large pool can be a good source of information and advice in any matter of our daily lives. We can always benefit from other colleagues experience and advice related to Travel planning, Education of children, doctor’s appointment, purchase a home, rent a garage, park vehicles, find a good tutor for someone within the family, during purchase a car and what not!
4) Donation: Many of us, as responsible and caring citizen of the country would love to donate specially during natural calamities e.g. flood, winter etc. This will App will come handy in such cases.
More features will be added in upcoming versions. Stay tuned!
For any observations, please share with us.
Note: Only the current employees of Robi Axiata Ltd. are entitled to use this App on non-commercial basis.

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Version: 1.2.0

Requires: Android 4.2 or later


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