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Many people can not imagine a single day without listening their favorite song. But sometimes it is not just about music but about your lifestyle. Let your phone be spectacular and different from others with the top Rock Live Wallpapers. The atmosphere at the concert is so unique that you will remember it for the rest of your life. Decorate your phone with the most beautiful glittering landscape. Feel like you are on the stage and you are playing your favorite musical instrument. You feel like you are on the top of the world. Your electric guitar is on flames. The photo is spectacular and it decorates your phone magnificently. This is your best performance in front of the audience ever. Sweet dreams, but actually you are at home holding your tablet and watching the spectacular new pictures. They look so real that you start day dreaming. You can enjoy the instruments on fire as soon as you download the latest Rock Live Wallpapers app free of charge. You will be amazed with the most spectacular scenery for your favorite music genre. Add cool moving effects like butterflies or clovers and they will make the screen of your phone more spectacular. Select from several different themes and sense the happiness that only love towards heavy sounds can bring.
• Download and install application
• Check out the collection of top live wallpapers
• Activate slide show option and select your favorite one
• Choose among 15 amazing moving objects, adjust their number and speed
• Set a background
Let the top Rock Live Wallpapers amaze you in various ways. Browse the pictures and find the magnificent photo of the skull. On the first one it wears a black hood and its eyes are filled with cold blue lightning. On the second one you get the impression that it thinks that it is still alive. It is wearing huge headset and the wires are arranged in the word rock. Imagine the guitar embellished with glowing gentle flowers. Feel the power of the heavy sounds. Beautify your tablet in the sensational way. The scenery will take your breath away. The whole setting is in different fiery colors and sparkling treble clefs. Decorate your phone with these popular photos. The best Rock Live Wallpapers will inspire you to start listening that genre of music. You will love it so much that you will not imagine a day without listening the wonderful songs. Moreover you can call your dearest one to join you and experience the power of the rock and roll. Share these awesome pictures with your friends and you can enjoy in the glittering musical notes.
Give your phone a brand new look with the popular Rock Live Wallpapers. Imagine that you are viewing the image of two electric guitars in vibrant colors. Behind them are the powerful drums. They are embellished with luminous light. Each time you look at your tablet you will be thrilled with this photo. Beside stunning pictures, these best live wallpapers offer you cool moving objects like sunflowers , clouds as well as raindrops that can move on your screen all the time and make it even more special. Select the picture you like and tap once to preview the photo and hold to set it as the background. Decorate your tablet with the picture of the big grey star. On its left and right are two black eagles. They stand for the power you can feel when you listen to this genre. Download free the latest Rock Live Wallpapers application and be inspired by them to start playing the drums and sense the magic this music brings.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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