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This is a romantic App, this is a application of love, there is the best to listen to the voice of love.
Download this application, you can feel the sweet taste of love. Warm, romantic, Valentine's Day is so beautiful.
In this application which, each of the romantic ring tones, are carefully selected out of the boutique,
You can easily use these cell phone ringtones, set the phone ring tones, ring tones, alarm clock.
These ringtones are high-quality, perfect music, lossless music-level sound quality, I believe you can hear a little different feel.
Application characteristics:
▶ Are the most romantic ringtones, Valentine's Day best ringtones.
▶ sound quality is very good, high-quality HI-FI fever sound quality
▶ lightweight, smooth, energy saving, Android 7.0 style.
▶ Compatible with the vast majority of Android mobile phones, Android Tablet PC, support for horizontal and vertical screen screen
▶ You can set the phone ring tones, SMS ring tones, alarm tones, to set a different ringtones for each contact.
Contact us:
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Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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