[Root] WiFi Password Recovery

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If you ever forgot a WiFi password, but your phone is still able to connect to the network, this app can help.
It allows you to see which networks are saved on your device, and what their specific details are.
You can:
• Copy passwords to the clipboard.
• Search through all the network's details to find the one you're exactly looking for.
• Sort all networks in various ways.
• Read through a detailed list of all the features of the app.
Also, a little Material Design never hurt anyone ;)
This app requires Root Access to function. There is no other way to retrieve the system-stored WiFi networks.
Used permissions:
• SuperUser: Not needed, but good practice to add.
• Location: Needed to sort networks on range.
• Wifi Connection: Also needed to sort networks on range.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4 or later


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