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RootDim was formerly known as SuperDim.RootDim requires root privileges on your device.For unrooted devices, as well as for some devices incompatible with RootDim, try our ScreenDim.RootDim lets you dim LCD screens and a few OLED ones to very low levelslower than the OS normally allows that39;s why you need root privilegesto save night vision.This will be particularly useful for serious amateur astronomers.On some devices you can also turn off LEDs e.g., power LED.If you have ChainFire3D, RootDim will let you conveniently control the nightmode settings together with the brightness settings.You can save up to five profiles that can be restored with a single touch in the RootDim screen.The profiles include LCD backlight brightness and nightmode settings if applicable.Long touch on profile button to save, short touch to load.You can also create launcher shortcuts for particular saved profiles and for cycling through all the profiles.If RootDim doesn39;t work on your device, email me at arpruss@gmail com before leaving a low rating.Maybe I can fix it.Note 1: Some devices don39;t allow going below the minimum value allowed by the OS.There is really nothing I can do about that.Note 2: There is a special feature for some Archos 70101 devices that have a firmware problem that prevents them from waking up properly when they39;ve been put to sleep with a low brightness this problem occurs even if you don39;t have SuperDim.Go to MenuOptions and choose that option if you have one of these devices, and it should fix the problem.Note 3: For all the users who would like a widget please remember the launcher shortcut feature.



Version: 1.58

Requires: Android2.0.1 or later


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