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This application by tapping onscreen button or unplug the earphone in an emergency, an alarm is generated, the screen lights up flashes, which is a security application.You start the application, quot;Notification ONquot; button tap, leave report standby state.Reported in standby mode, and status report on the screen and tap the button or unplug the earphones, the sound and screen warning lights flashing begins.quot;Notification OFFquot; button is tapped in, it will not be reported to the state.S.P.A.T Free free version, the warning sound and the screen lights up flashes are only limited functionality.S.P.A.T In the paid version, and a GPS to measure the current position with thee, and that your location information to the email address you have registered, and a microphone for voice recording and camera recording status of can be performed. Please buy the paid version means.Note that sending mail, GMail account is required.After you get a GMail account quot;Mail Settings screenquot; in your email account, type the password on the email address of the destination SMS phone number when sending, please enter your store.NotesThe effect is that I do not hear a warning that in the bag and put the phone or by radio wave condition is bad, you can send mail with an error, or deviation of the measurements are here, performance may not be demonstrated.Please note there is no 100 percent on a commitment to crime prevention applications.



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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