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In the world of phones, we are always looking for new ways to get information faster. Many developers have started with the lock screen. At a very basic level, stock lock screens carry some sort of shortcuts to the camera as well as time and weather apps. There are a few lock screens that even show you a few headlines or recent apps.

S9 Lockscreen
r is a highly customization lock screen with a number of ways to gain control of the information you see. Starting off, there are four main things you get to control, Notifications, Weather, Countdown Day, and News.⏱
‍ With the weather, just like most stock options, you choose your location, either automatically or manually. Now where it gets cool is the notifications. It gives you the option to light up the screen when you get a message from apps as well as which apps you get notifications from. ⏰ The countdown day is exactly what it sounds like, where it allows you to set a timer. And the news setting gives you many options of the types of news you get to see.
S9 Lockscreen
there are some deeper settings you can access such as the color for the time, date and camera icons. You can select different types of lock screen unlocks like slide to unlock, unlock sound and more. There are tons of style and wallpaper options this app offers for download. In order to download these you must watch a short video .

S9 Lockscreen
also has a built-in a battery saving element that will alert you of things running needlessly in the background consuming precious power. The application is an excellent with live wallpapers. It is beautiful, safe and custom.

S9 Lockscreen

S9 Lockscreen
, a lot of beautiful wallpaper Galaxy S9 including the famous live wallpaper smoke.
Slide to easily unlock your phone with subtle animations and sounds.
Set Pin or Password via Keypad Lock Screen to Enhance Security Lock your Phone.
Supports custom slide text, you can use your name or other words to personalize your Lockscreen.
Galaxy live wallpaper effect with snow fall and fly fireflies with magic touch.



Version: 1.6.1

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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