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This app has easy to use Calculators related to your Mutual fund investment.
1) SIP Calculator -
it will help you to calculate the interest amount (interest earned) and future value of your monthly SIP investment amount. You will get approximate expected returns for your monthly SIP investment for selected tenure, based on an expected annual rate of interest.
2) SWP Calculator -
It's a tool to calculate the Systematic Withdrawal Plan from the amount invested initially under any mutual fund scheme, by mentioning the Rate of Return, Investment Period and SWP Amount, you can check your Systematic Withdrawal Plan.
3) Lumpsum Calculator -
Lumpsum Investment Plan Calculator is used to calculate the amount received after maturity of the Lumpsum amount invested for the specific number of years. It is simple to use and help you to make a wise decision while investing in any sector.
4) Targeted SIP Amount Calculator
Calculate Monthly SIP investment needed for your target amount.



Version: 0.0.1

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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