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SX-TRAINER – electronic device and a corresponding app for training your intimate muscles. SX-TRAINER increases the power and the duration of your erection, prevents premature ejaculation, and gives you control over orgasm stimulation.
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In short, there are “intimate” muscles located in your perineum area. Your erection duration is directly dependent on the tone and condition of those muscles. When you increase the strength and learn to control perineum muscles, you will be able to control such sexual functions as erection, ejaculation, and orgasm (yours and your partner’s)
The question is, how do you train the muscles, which you cannot tense by a conscious effort? The muscles, which activity you cannot feel. SX-TRAINER device measures the muscle tension when you are performing the exercise and reflects the muscle activity on the screen of your smartphone in real time. The app provides a custom exercise-training program based on your ability, automatically adjusts the exercise difficulty, motivates you to keep up the training, displays if you are doing the exercise correctly, and keeps a log of your progress.
The well-trained perineum muscles guarantee strong and prolonged erection and the ability to control those muscles allow for new experiences of pleasure for you and your partner.

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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4 or later



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