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This app can help people, working in Indian Companies; know how much tax is levied on their salary, and how much they will get in hand (Take Home Salary).
How this App Works -
1. Provide the Yearly CTC & Monthly Basic Pay mentioned in the Offer Letter/Employment Contact & click “Calculate” to see the result.
2. You can also provide more details of DA, HRA, LTA by clicking more button.
3. On the Deductions section, you can choose either EPF or NPS.
4. On the Tax Exemption field, Standard deduction and Professional Tax can be automatically calculated if you choose the State and Metro/Non Metro city type.
5. You can also add more tax exemptions like LTA, Food Voucher, 80C, NPS 80CCD (1B), Medi Claim, Home Loan Interest, Saving Account Interest, Education Loan Interest, Infra Structure Bonds & Donations.
6. The Result can be saved/print or shared in image format.



Version: 1.0.00

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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