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In the Recipes of Cakes, Desserts and Baking app, we have collected for you simple delicious recipes for cakes, desserts and pastries for every day: delicious recipes for instant salads, salads with chicken, holiday recipes for salads, homemade recipes for Caesar salad, salads with mayonnaise, recipes for Greek salad, salads without mayonnaise, vegetable salad recipes, summer salads, fish salad recipes, salad recipes with meat, simple salad recipes and other delicious salad recipes!
You had a question “what to cook?” Or are you just looking for simple salad recipes for every day? Especially for you, we have compiled simple culinary recipes for salads, with step-by-step cooking instructions and photos. With our application to cook food is easy and fast.
Choose recipes and prepare meals for every day, for yourself and loved ones.
All salad recipes are divided into categories for convenient use.
The annex presents:
• With meat: “Tbilisi”, Meat salad with mushrooms, Meat salad with crackers, Hot meat salad, Meat layered salad, Meat salad with pumpkin, Meat salad with horseradish, Thai salad, Boar meat salad, “Israel”, Ramen, Salad with smoked ham, Salad of beef tongue, "Bamia", Meat salad with arugula, Salad with gherkins, Italian salad, Salad with bell pepper, Salad from veal.
• With poultry: Chicken Breast Salad, Pineapple Salad, Warm Chicken Salad, Fresh Green Salad, Broccoli with Chicken, Mango and Chicken Liver, Layered Chicken Salad, Asian-Style Chicken, Chicken with Beans and Cheese, Chicken with Citrus , "Sunflower", "Shanghai with Chicken", Red Beans with Chicken, Chicken with Prunes, "Caesar", Smoked Chicken with Mushrooms, Chicken Salad with Avocado, Salad with Chicken with Banana, Greek Chicken Salad.
• With fish: Sprats with croutons, Red fish with almonds, “Mimosa”, Layered salad with fish, Spinach salad with fish, Salad with smoked fish, Fish with pine nuts, “Millefeu”, Fish with tomatoes, Salad with pasta and Fish, Fish with capers, Fish with champignons, Fish Salad, Oil Fish Salad, Layered Salad with Salmon, Fish with Oranges, White Fish Salad, Avocado Salad with Fish, Salad with Fish and Pasta.
• Vegetables: Winter vegetable salad, Avocados, tomatoes and basil, Spring, Panzanella, White cabbage salad, Salad with grilled eggplant, Cherry and Pine nuts, Cucumber salad with feta, Vegetable salad with couscous, Andalusian salad, Ruccola with tomatoes , Vitamin salad, Green beans with tomatoes, Curd-vegetable salad, Salad with quinoa and cheese, Chickpeas with tomatoes, Salad with mozzarella, Spinach salad, Mediterranean salad.
• Seafood: Light salad with shrimps, Arugula with shrimps, Olivier with shrimps, Calamari salad, Shrimps with grapefruit, Cabbage with shrimps, Squid with cheese, Spinach and shrimps salad, “Masa Barmasa”, Seafood salad, “ Caesar "with shrimps, Cucumbers with shrimps, Shrimps with apples, Barley with shrimps, Corn with scallops, Thai salad, Calamari with pineapple, Crab salad, Octopus with celery.
Write in the comments if you want us to add a certain category or recipe for you to the Salad Recipes application.
It is an absolutely free application for your Android phone. It remains only to download it.
Cook with pleasure!



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