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SaralStocks app helps a Zerodha or Upstox user:
1. manage portfolio using smart rules.
2. make and execute buy/sell decisions based on technical indicators.
Main Features of SaralStocks:
1. Quickly identify growth stocks and visually confirm their move in charts.
2. Track watch list through personalized rules. (“Inform me when a stock moves 4%”).
3. Quickly identify slow moving portfolio stocks to re-balance.
4. Set personalized rules. (“If a stock falls by 10%, sell”)
5. Daily email of portfolio status and alerts if appropriate.
6. Simplified detailed research through links provided to external websites.
Who can use SaralStocks:
- Individual busy investor who is not a day trader.
- Financial advisers to help their customers.
Publicly listed companies constantly evolve and adapt to the changing business conditions whether it is competition, changed government regulations, new product introduction or management changes. These changes reflect in their stock price.
Eicher Motors (listed on Indian bourses) price increased 30 times since 2011. SaralStocks helps you discover stocks like this sooner and manage portfolio using rules to minimize losses and maximize gains.
SaralStocks motto: Higher Returns, Faster.



Version: 1.3

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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