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Sat finder (satellitetracker) 2019is an app, through this app user can see the right position of the satellite on mobile according to its current position on Google map. By using this app user point device towards dishpointer which helps them in matching frequency of all satellite over the world.
Satellite director helps you by pointing it to dish pointer, so you can find right azimuth &elevation, right latitude& longitude position through which users can see whole lists of satellite to dish align and choose it.To find a TV satellite antenna without compass is quiet difficult so we are providing a compass to find right latitude and longitude azimuth in this satfinder app.
This efficient signal finder has Gps status feature in it to show where live satellite actually existing and sat finder (satellitetracker)2019 helps more to aligns dish
pointer easily. Live Satellite receiver allows you to keep your signal finder straight towards in satfinder direction to find out perfect signals or to point out live satellite.
The satellite director app help to align your satellite DishPointer) or antenna. It’s based on your location. This app shows you the vertical & horizontal direction in which your satellite dish aligns.
Sat finder (satellitetracker) 2019this app is a full tool to sat antenna & TV dish. It will give you correct azimuth elevation & it will provide you to compass to set TV dish antenna. User select satellite from list to set the dish direction. User can see satellite data like latitude & longitude. And also show your position on Google map.
Finding a satellite or an antenna, in azimuth can be difficult. You can find it with a compass you have to do some calculations using GPS location, in this app, you can select any satellite
♠Sat Finder:
Satfinder is the tool satellite director through which you can find right position of satellite. First of all point device in the direction of dish pointer , then you go on main layout then select satellite finder option then go on search bar choose satellite which you want, Here compass shows rotation to match right angle by rotating the compass finally it shows it is perfect now that,s mean you are connected with selected live satellite.
Accelerometer can easily check if the measured surface is flat. An Accelerometer is an instrument used for measuring angles of slope Accelerometer is a device which shows current acceleration and Maximum acceleration on x.axis, y.axis and z axis.
To find exact location with your antenna so you have to need a compatible compass. Compass works only in such devices, which have a compass sensor with compass azimuth. This compass shows you the GPS statistics such as your current location ,latitude &longitude through all over world. Now you have an excellent tool in your android phone in the shape of compass which navigate you in finding live satellite and to dish align.
♠How does it work?
Step 1= first of All please connect your phone with internet. Then Enable the GPS in your mobile phone or enter your GPS location and select the TV satellite antenna location and point your mobile phone to the sky (find) the satellite.
Step 2= It is impossible to receive GPS signal inside buildings. If you want to get accurate location go outside the building or near to your house window where satellite signal strength is strong.
Step 3= choose your desired Satellite by clicking on Satellite Finder Activity. Then select the Satellite Name from the list which is given in this activity. You will get an azimuth angle from a selected satellite location with your longitude and latitude.
♥ Sat finder (satellitetracker) 2019found your location quickly.
♥when its signal finder , find correct direction it’s vibrate
♥ Almost All countries Satellites available in list.
♥ All satellites Display your location and values for azimuth angle.
♥ The value of compass is calculated with graphical representation of Azimuth Angle.



Version: 2.3

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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