Satellite Finder PRO (Azimuth Setter)

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Satellite Finder PRO (Dish Pointer) is a tool which will:
Help you to set up dish anywhere.
Assists in alignment of satellite dish antennas using augmented reality.
Give you LNB tilt for your location (based on GPS).
It has also built in compass which will help you to find proper satellite azimuth.
It uses augmented reality to show the position of satellites on camera view.
Determines local position by using GPS Automatically.
Computes all values necessary to align dish antenna.
This azimuth setter helps you point your dish with a minimum of hassle.
ADDITIONAL FEATURES? Three extra useful features:
Live Earth Map: This Live Earth Map has the four view of earth like Normal view, Hybrid view, Satellite view and Terrain view to
give you a better understanding of the places. It also indicated the traffic flow.
AR-Display: You will get one of the best augmented reality technology so far. Point your phone’s camera at an empty wall/space.
You can look at all available satellites for your location in real time. Just tap (AR Display) button of home window. Point your device
towards the sky and watch all available satellites for your location.
Biss Key Finder: This feature is for fast search for biss keys of encrypted satellite channels. The keys get updates automatically.
How to use this app:
1. To track your satellite signal , all you have to do to make sure that the internet connection and GPS in your phone is turned on.
If you want to get best accuracy in location – you should be outdoor, or at least come close to a window;
2. Select the desired Satellite by clicking on Satellite Finder Button, then Sattelite Name and click on Search bar at the end. A list of sattelite
will appear to select your desired one. You will get azimuth of your selected Satelite with latitute and longitude calculated for your location.
3. Under calculated values there is a compass with graphical representation of azimuth angle. The azimuth angle is calculated with magnetic inclination.
Remember – every time you use compass – you should calibrate it.
Satellite Finder PRO uses your phone sensor to get your azimuth so satellite position calculation depends on the accuracy of your mobile sensors.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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