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With this program you can easily align your satellite dish. To determine the satellite dish direction, you should choose your satellite from dropdown list, come near the dish, wait for the best accuracy, fix your position (long tap or menu), and moving away, get your current azimuth, most closely of Satellite Director is a tool to hlep you know all things about satellite for finding TV satellites and aligning satellite use your point dish finder of view the reality of increased camera dishpointer to see and target dish finder satellites in the sk
Satellite Finder & Satellite Director selected from the list It will give you the azimuth, elevation and area calculations for your location (based on the GPS) and the selected satellite in the list. The result is displayed as numeric and graphical data on Google Maps.While dish setup, don’t rely on a compass, its accuracy is limited.☝ This satellite finder app, however, provides you with a high-precision instrument to create a landmark and avoid a compass and calculation of magnetic azimuth
this satellite director app will help you direct and pointing you satellite dish fast and easly
Extra Features
Satellite dish antenna setting is available
Augmented reality
Selectable audio tone
Camera preview
Taking Screenshots
How to use this app:
. First, you must turn on GPS and Internet on your phone. Remember: In most cases, it is impossible to receive the GPS signal inside buildings. So, if you want to get a very specific location - please approach the windows or even go outside.
. If the application has found your location, you must select the desired satellite. To do this, you must find the icon with a magnifying glass and press it. In the list, you will find all satellites whose elevation angle is greater than zero degrees. Remember that the name of the satellite does not affect the calculation of angles. The important thing is the position of the satellite.
. Azimuth, altitude, and incline are calculated based on your position and the chosen satellite. Below the calculated values, there is a compass with a graphical representation of the azimuth angle. The azimuth angle is calculated with a magnetic tilt.
There now, your satellite dish is well aligned! Directv, dish network, all sorts of dish tv and internet are there - enjoy!
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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