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Satfinder(satellite director 2020) satellite finder is a tool which helps you to set up you dish according to satelite position. It will give you accurate azimuth elevation and it will also provide you
with level meter to set proper tv dish antenna placement with respect to Gps.Satfinder(satellite director 2020) satellite finder will provide you with a list of all satellite available in your area you can select dish from that list and set your Dish or antena position and direction using Satfinder(sattelite director).SatFinder uses your phone sensors to detect your physical location and calculates azimuth and elevation needed for your satellite antenna to set
Satfinder(satellite director 2020) satellite finder is a tool for finding live satellites and aligning satellite dishes according to quardinates provided. It can be used anywhere in the world since all
TV satellites are in the database.This Satellite app provides you with a high-precision instrument to create a landmark.This satellite director app will help you direct and pointing you satellite dish fast and easly.
You can get the accurate placement of your dish with the help of Dish pointer and set your antenna with cursor movement.This Satellite finder will give you azimuth, satellite director elevation and LNB tilt for your location (GPS-based).
Level meter will help you to properly level the surface and set your dish placed perfectly.
All Satellites Channels List - Frequency Finder
If you are looking for All Satellites Channels List - Frequency Finder and biss key finder then this Satfinder(satellite Pointer) 2020 tool is best
for you. All types of
channels satellite list is available in this tool.Our latest update gives you a unique facility of (Satellite Biss Keys, Frequency Finder) If you want to set satellite dish you just watching satellite view by using this app and find your desired satellite
Main Functions of satellite finder Satfinder(satellite director 2020)
* Dish Pointer
*satellite finder 2020
* Satfinder 2020
* satellite director
* Qucikdish alighnment
* All Satellites Channels List
* Frequency Finder
* Satellite Biss Keys
* Level meter
* Dish positioning
* Antena placement
* satellite dish pointer
* Satellite Locator
* Gps Satellite Finder and positioning of Dish.
* Satellite Tracker
* Satellite
finder and Direction
* Live satellite finder.
* Free Tv sattelite Directions
* Satellite alignment according to Your Gps Location
* Gps sattelite Positioning with level Meter.
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Version: 8.2.1

Requires: Android 5.0 or later


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