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Now you can compile of "wines Eval quiet" and "sparkling wines / sparkling" prepared by ONAV, inputting data, ratings and photos in this app. It will be generated as a pdf file that you can view and manage it later: you can look at the photos of wine tasted and / or the completed form as well as rename or delete these two files. You finally within reach of a click all the wines you valued in your taster experience.
The data entries are organized into two sections: in the first you enter the general information of the event and the subject of wine tasting, while in the second they attribute the votes to the various sensory aspects. The pdf file of the sheet is generated thanks to the icon golden pencil placed in the upper right. The program displays an alert, if you left something out: the lack of fields "description", "vintage", "designation of origin" and "fermentation" is blocking and does not allow saving the card.
In the "Management" menu, finally, it is provided for the click on the picture, on the row and the prolonged clicks, so as to allow the view of any photo, the pdf sheet or the name change / deletion of both files.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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