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The new SealitePro™ App has been designed to allow for complete programming (via Bluetooth) of the new Sealite SL-75 self-contained solar marine lantern.
An easy to use interface and built-in intelligence, the App enables users to read and program lantern functions from their mobile phone or tablet up to 50 meters away.
The App reduces maintenance times which improves productivity and safety risks are minimised as there is no need to climb onto a buoy or structure, let alone leave the vessel.
Plus using the in-built Sealite Solar Calculator, you can verify the lantern’s ability to operate in a set location using the device GPS co-ordinates or manually select a global location from anywhere in the world. The solar calculator will determine the average sunlight hours for the given location, power requirements based on the flash code and intensity settings and provide a result to the user on suitability.
- Connects to Lantern via Bluetooth®
- Support Tools include the Solar Calculator, User Guides and Quick Start Guide
- Ability to check Lantern Information;
- Set a security Pin
- Check Lantern Status
- Set Operating Modes
- Set Flash codes
- Set intensity and Visible range
- Set winter autonomy
- Enable GPS Sync
- Set Hibernation mode



Version: 1.00

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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