Secret Memo(Free note)

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Simple, Security, Easy Memo app!
Secret Memo
Protect your information with a password.
Default password : 0000
(Please change the first time running)
-User Guide-
[Main Menu]
1. New Memo: You can just write a new Memo.
2. Memo List: After checking the password can view the saved memos.
3. Change Password
[Add or Edit(delete) from the list of Memos]
1. New Memo add: Phone by pressing the menu button 'New Memo' is clicking.
2. View, Edit, Delete: Long press the memo in the list, and choose from the menu that appears.
[Memo Backup or Recovery]
Memo list Page, press the Menu button phones. 'DB Set' Click.
(Stored in external memory)

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Version: 2.0.6

Requires: Android 2 or later


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