Selfie Natural Camera - Filter SODA

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Selfie Natural Camera - Filter SODA
will turn a dull and muddy day into a beautiful day out.
Take the perfect selfie the first time around with no need for further edits
The very simple way to use to help you create beautiful images sparkling in the blink of an eye.
Capture an array of different moods using various selfie filters.
⛅️You can take a photo directly from the app's camera or upload an existing image in the camera library and edit it. The most special feature of Selfie Natural Camera - Filter SODA is that this application can create sharper selfie photos than other apps of the same type thanks to HD mode, high-resolution mode. Thus, even when shooting with the front camera, your photos are still extremely shimmering, clearly with each line.
❧ 15 Filter suitable for outdoor environment
❧ Beauty effects applied in real time
❧ Dual camera support
❧ Filter and high-quality images bring the best footage
When shooting outdoors, do you know the weather is so much decided on the beauty - the bad of the photo? We goal is to capture those moments when you stop in your tracks and just stare at a gorgeous sunset, beautiful blue sky, or epic storm. Try the filters best suited to your skin with
Selfie Natural Camera - Filter SODA
In addition, of course on any photo outing, you can’t control the skies you get, so Selfie Natural Camera - Filter SODA lets you decide what skies you will have, no matter where you are, how's the weather, you can still create your own beautiful photo. This app provides natural and artistic re-touch filters, completely change your atmosphere and photo background.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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