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When we buy a new book, we read it only once or twice and keep it in bookshelves. Everyone have these old | used | second hand books at home. On the other hand, in spite of loving book reading, 80% of people can’t afford buying new books because of their high prices.
SelloutZone believe in changing this trend of storing old books at home TO sharing those books to others.
SelloutZone is free app where people & students can sell their old | used | second hand books to nearby people in the city and get money from them. So that they can buy other books of their interest.
Selloutzone is the platform which is developed by keeping students & readers in mind. It has all book categories i.e. Academic books for students(engineering books, MBA, Medical, Competitive exam books etc) , business, fiction, non-fiction, biography and many more.
Survey says, on an average every student puts 3 books in scrap every year. So India has approx. 20 crore students and if we consider Rs.100 as average price of each book then:
3 books * 20 crore students * Rs.100 price of each book = 3000 Crore Rupees.
Books worth 3000 crores are going in scrap every year. And books worth crores are kept in our bookshelves which are of no use to anyone. sellout zone help to make right use of these books by selling them to others.
Students should use selloutzone app to sell their books directly to next batch students in half price. It would make education economic. If we continue this chain people can read books for free as they can sell them after reading. Book is not a depreciating asset.
Selloutzone Features:
- Sell & buy old books nearby
- Its 100% free.
- Post your book Ad and start getting responses.
- Direct conversation between buyers and sellers.
- Chat privately with sellers, and negotiate prices safely.
- Has educational / academic & other book categories.
- Shows MRP, Selling price & Total discount offered by Seller.
- Get real-time alerts and notifications from buyers & sellers.
(Name: selloutZone, sellout zone, sell out zone)
developed by - Kiran Jadhav, Ashish Barokar



Version: 0.0.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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