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Sensor data logger allows you to:Watch realtime data from two sensors: Accelerometer, Magnetometer compas, magnetic field.Watch GPS data: latitude, longitude, altitude and accuracySave data coming from the sensors in the SD card for further use.You can choose which sensors to logging data You can combine the GPS data with the data from the other sensorsIn this version the data from the gps can39;t be saved alone, you must select another sensor to work with. I39;ll try to improve this in future versions.The saved data is Stored inmntSDCARDsensorDataLoggerEvery time a the service is started a new file is created for every sensor to save all the dumped data.Now you can adjust the period between samples from 0ms dalay up to 1 minute. Note that the 0 is not real it means as fast as possible.There is an icon in the menu for opening the folder cotaining the saved files. In order to work, you must have installed quot;OI File Managerquot; or another similar app.If the sensor logger is started it will continue to save readings from the sensor even if you leave the app. This, probably, will drain more power from the battery so be carefull.In order to stop taking samples from the sensors you have to stop the logging service. It can be done from the app itself pausing the service in the menu or from the list of running services in the system settings.Feel free to contact me, constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Hope you feel the app useful.In future versions I39;m planning to add GPS dump in kml or gpx format I hope it come soon.

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Version: 0.2.2

Requires: Android 2.2 or later


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