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Become a Master of Keyboard And Mobile Codes with these Wonderful Shortcuts and Codes.
We have collected some amazing shortcuts and Codes which allow every user to make their task easier. You don't have to search the internet for the shortcuts or Mobile Codes anymore. Easily impress your friends, colleagues, family members after memorizing these amazing computer shortcuts keys and Mobile Codes.
Features of our KeyBoard Shortcuts Keys And Codes App
( Computer Shortcut's )
-> General Shortcut Keys
-> All Windows Shortcut Keys
-> MicroSoft World
-> MicroSoft Excel
-> MicroSoft Power Point
-> MicroSoft Paint
-> Window Wordpad
-> Window Notepad
-> Adobe Photoshop
-> Notepad++
-> Adobe Dreamweaver
-> Adobe illustrator
-> Adobe Corel Draw
-> Adobe Page Maker
-> ColorFull Code
-> Chat Symbol
-> Google Chrome
-> Mozilla Firefox
-> Internet Explorer
( Mac Shortcut's )
-> Cut Copy Paste Shortcut Keys
-> Document Shortcuts Shortcut Keys
-> Finder And System Shortcut Keys
-> Mac Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys
-> Mac Google Chrome Shortcut Keys
-> Mac Safari Shortcut Keys
-> Mac System Level Shortcut Keys
-> Mac Use Full Keys Shortcut Keys
-> Sleep Log Out And Shut Down Shortcut Keys
-> Mac Start up Shortcut Keys
( iPhone Shortcut's )
-> Safari's Keys ( iPhone & iPad )
-> Mail Keys ( iPhone & iPad )
-> Phone Calls Keys ( iPhone & iPad )
-> Screenshot Keys ( iPhone & iPad )
-> Music Keys ( iPhone & iPad )
-> Quite, Reset, Keys ( iPhone & iPad )
( iWatch Shortcut's )
-> Settings Shortcuts ( iWatch )
-> App Shortcuts ( iWatch )
-> Phone Calls Shortcuts ( iWatch )
-> Power Shortcuts ( iWatch )
-> Map & Direction Shortcuts ( iWatch )
( Andriod Shortcut's )
-> Android General Question Answer
-> Display Color's & Codes ( + 500 )
-> Phone Call Diversion
-> Basic Codes For Nokia Phones
-> Codes For Samsung Phones
-> Complete Revisions History
-> Copy Phone To Phone
-> Send SMS From Mobile To PC
-> General Information About Codes
( General Features ):-
1. High Quality Reading Content.
2. This App Work Offline And Online.
3. Very Easy Interface to Read Shortcut's.
4. Very Simple to Find Any Shortcut's.
5. Very Simple and Easy to Use
6. Upload Only Popular Shortcut's Most People Like it.
7. Full Screen Reading Mode
8. User Interface is very Smooth.
More Shortcut's and Code's are being added gradually.
If You like Shortcut's/ Code's Then Please Kindly Suggest Us and We Add That Shortcut's are Code's Which you want. New category Will Be added in the app.
Please Mention in the Comment Box.
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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