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The full details of the application for Yamuna, geographical nature and provides Pustimarg presented's view.
Ymunashtk, the office of Yamuna Yamuna aarti and has been contained information including Yama Dwitiya!
Very useful information for all Vaishnavas. Jai Shri Krishna!
Yama and Yamuna are both described as a black child of the sun while it is both absolute stunning. Yet their appearance is black. It is believed that the sun was a wife, shadow, shadow fierce in appearance was the reason why his son Yama and Yamuna also black and white characters're born into. Yama and Yamuna have taken a boon to anyone who would bathe in the Yamuna hell it will not be him. On the second day of Diwali Yamuna and Yama Yama Dwitiya has told the union. Why to this day the siblings' brother dooj "as is observed.
Avatar Description: It is described in mythology, the goddess Yamuna (as expressed in his) Surydev their elder daughter of Lord Shani and her brother Yama the god of death. Vaishnava opinion, Yamuna are Ptrani of Lord Krishna. Often called the father of Sri Krishna's Braj culture, the Yamuna is considered the mother of Braj culture.
So is the mother of Yamuna Brajwasion in Satyrup. Yamuna Maiya So they called Braj area. It is described in the Code of Garg Radha Krishna in Goloka had requested to be revealed on the ground floor. Where Vrindavan, Yamuna and not Govardhan, Radha went there and said Sukhanubhuti not matter. Then Krishna said everyone appeared in Braj-Mandal.

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