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ShrinkMan is expiration date management software that allows for proactive management of pharmacy inventory expiration dates. ShrinkMan is developed for the Australian retail pharmacy sector.
It is the best Expiry Date tracking solution for Australian Pharmacies. You can also share your nearly out of date stock with other pharmacies that are part of the network. Just like Other Pharmacy App's but better as we do not charge you a commission to post your items to a public list. We hate getting ripped off by a 5% commission. $12 per year is all we charge. Unlimited posts, unlimited items on your list.
ShrinkMan is a game-changer. It is a must have app if you are driven to make your pharmacy business succeed. It allows pharmacy stores to track expiration dates efficiently, saving labour hours, reducing shrink from expired products, and allowing pharmacies to trade stock before expiry dates.
Keep your shrinkage to a minimum and avoid filling the RUM bins! Use the savings towards your next Christmas Party.
It is designed to eliminate the need to manage a notebook with the items going out of date. Instead of writing, make it easy... scan the product and tap the month the product is expiring and maybe quantity if you need to.
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Requires: Android4.4 or later


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