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The Simple HIIT Interval Timer was created to help you manage your workouts.
This timer can be used for all forms of High Intensity Training Including:
- Weight, circuit, and CrossFit Training
- Calisthenics
- Running
- Cycling
- Boxing/MMA
Upon opening the app, you can:
- First time users: Jump into a simple tabata session by pressing the start button
- Returning users: Immediately jump into a session that you previously created
- Choose a preset workout
- Customize your workout by adjusting the prep, work, rest, round and cooldown settings
- Adjust colors and sounds for
- Customize alarm sounds
- Simple and effective UI
- Pre-loaded presets that you can use to quickly start your workouts
- Settings menu where you can adjust the sound and vibration
- Saves your previous workout to be used on start up
- Save and edit workouts
- Change sounds and colors for timers
- Application runs in the background
- 5 second countdown
- Internet and Network State: used to display advertisements.
Benefits of HIIT found on
- Drop 2% body fat in 8 weeks
- Lose 6 Times more body fat
- 10% Increase in fat loss
- Decrease fat enzymes

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What's New Simple HIIT Interval Timer

-Updated UI!
-Created new notification: Users can now view and modify the timer outside the app



Version: 1.12.1

Requires: Android 4 or later



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