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Shopping List Widget is a handy app for shopping. Widget will help you not to forget to buy something, easy to calculate the amount of purchases, create a comfortable shopping lists. Bought a product from the list? With one touch mark it as "bought" and the widget will automatically update the amount of the remaining products in the list. All brilliant - easy!
Main features:
- The creation of products lists
- Renaming list
- Navigate through the lists
- Calculation of the value of goods (total sum)
- Recalculation of the amount of the product list after the purchase of goods
- Mark as "bought" with one touch
- Quickly add to the list of goods
- Quickly removal of the goods from the shopping list of products
- Memorizing product name and its price
- Type by the first letters
- Drop-down lists for the most popular products
- Currency setting
- Nothing more - quickly and easily!
All this right on your home screen of the phone or tablet! There is no need to run the application. Widget shopping list - that is convenient and fast!
We hope that this application will facilitate the shopping trip. That was our main goal.
Found a bug? Any ideas or suggestions? Please contact us at our contact address

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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 3.0 or later



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