Simulasi Tes Buta Warna Baru

3.5 (6)

Medical | 10.9MB


Color Blind Test Simulation Application is an application that is devoted to doing the simulation tests on the senses or genetic abnormalities in the eye of the eye, the color blindness to the eye.
The difference with other applications Color Blind Test is this application has the advantage that you can embed a stamp / logo on your profile picture on social media if you have successfully passed Simulation Color Blind Test this with your eyes hssil that 100% of normal.
Simulations run by displaying a picture you have to see and read the numbers contained in the image. If you have abnormalities of the eye, or color blindness, it will likely be difficult to read, but if the eye is normal, it can easily answer answers figures of the drawing.
Each color blind test simulation for a given question three (3) seconds, as well as to choose the answer.
Hopefully this application is useful for you, especially very useful for you if you are in preparation for a SIM or follow Test Exam Exam Police, police, or military.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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