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Tonal Shading on photo from your device memory card, or sketch photo from camera or sketch videos from it
Try the various combination for generating breathtaking sketch videos and sketch photos.
The videos generated by this app use native hardware encoder .
Salient features of this app ..
✔ Sketch photos with tonal shading. The viewfinder provide live preview of effects.
✔Sketch Videos with tonal shading with pause and play .
✔ Pencil sketch effects and Ball pen effect on camera preview for videos and photos,
must use a pencil effect for pencil photo or a sketch photo
Disclaimer :
This app don't use a line detection algorithm as it slows video quality instead it use a tonal shading algo .
the video generated by this app is saved with effect .
Sketch Camera process frames at fly and don't save a non effect version of pic /video.
Best use of this App .
As Video recorder.
Use for creating funny montage video with different scenes with different effects using pause feature while recording
As Effect camera
For editing pics from your gallery with these effects.
Sketch Camera provides real time camera preview and generate sketch effects on the fly using tonal shading.
Take a photo, record video or add that effect on images from your device each effect is painted directly over camera preview, in real time.
All images and media generated by this app is saved under "DCIM/ilsketchcam".
Special Features of this app:
Record HD video with effects.
Different sketch effects like Crayon,Fine Pencil,Rough Pencil,Smudge ,Ball Pen etc
Real time sketch effects.
Flip camera vertical /horizontal .
Support front camera/focusing/hardware buttons.
Support dynamic coloring for changing of color.When added with different effects provide unlimited effects.
Different setting for hardware buttons for adjusting effect strength to taking picture /recording video
Option to adjust video quality depending your device capabilities
Media chooser to pick a picture from your gallery
Share photos and videos directly from app screen to social networks like WhatsApp,Facebook, Instagram etc or add as an attachment to email using share button.




Requires: Android4.3 or later


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