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Point your device in any direction and instantly find out what stars and planets are in your view. Sky Xplore calculates the horizon and displays the stars, planets and constellations as seen from your location.
In addition to providing detailed information about celestial objects, Sky Xplore will let you dive into the starfield to get a better perspective how stars are located in constellations.
Experience the solar system by entering orbits of the planets and major moons.
Designed for everyone, Sky Xplore is easy to use but also provides advanced features for the more experienced sky observer, including highly accurate models of the major moons of Jupiter and Saturn.
The Time player feature allows you to jump to the past or future and travel through time at different rates for you to observe the orbits of planets and moons.
Use the celestial and horizon sky grids and the coordinate display to see what is above the horizon and to get your bearing in real time.
Search and discover detailed information on stars and planets. Search objects by name or quickly identify sky objects by tapping the screen .
Switch to the manual sky view mode and use finger gestures to scroll and zoom the sky for a detailed study of the sky.
Sky Xplore features include:
- Move in 3D space to get perspective of the relative positions of stars
- More than 8000 bright stars, 88 constellations and the planets of our solar system
- Feature to automatically identify and rank the brightest stars currently in view
- Enter orbits of solar system planets
- Current brightness and illuminated fraction of planets
- Planet rise and set times
- Celestial right ascension / declination and and observer azimuth / altitude grids and coordinates display
- Sky object search
The In app full version upgrade will remove ads and includes a bonus feature:
- High energy sky mode, see the sky in high energy band, as seen through high energy filters




Requires: Android3.0 or later


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