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Can39;t Sleep? Try this FREE Sleep Soundly Hypnosis Session to cure your insomniaWant to sleep soundly through the night? This session combines guided imagery with deep relaxation techniques.Most people can not stay awake long enough to get through the first 10 minutesThe session guides you to relaxation and then gently lulls you to sleep.Please contact me with any questions.This session is 39 minutes in length.Testimonial:quot;The MP3 is on my phone, every time I listen it gets me to fall asleep faster than the previous session so I was very satisfied and relieved because with this hypnosis technique I could finally beat my insomnia. I have great hope with this hypnosis session, I believe my insomnia will be cured entirely and I will sleep normal again.quot; by John November 17, 2011Really works I was skeptical until I tried it. I have insomnia. I fall asleep more quickly than I imagined possible. I love the voice Could be louder. THANKSby Theresa November 14, 2011Outstanding I was skeptical, but not any more. I LOVE this appby Triona November 13, 2011Works great Use it alot. Generally asleep before it endsby Carrie November 3, 2011Works for me Usually asleep by the count of Jaydee October 26, 2011Great I usually go down by 8. I don39;t know what the rest of the thing is about. ;Dby Amit October 25, 2011BE SURE TO CHECK OUT the MORE SESSIONS BUTTON FOR OVER 40 HYPNOSIS SESSIONS. Please Note:Please use headphones for best results. Please do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this session.You Must Be Connected to A wifi Connection to download this app.

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