Smart Voice Recoder 2019

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- Smart Voice Recorder 2019 on your phone can be a fun and interesting experience, especially if you’re doing it with our voice recorder app. Our sound recorder app can benefit you in multiple ways apart from just recording your voice, and enjoy later.
- Digital Audio Recorder: smart voice recorder 2019 can record most of your sound and voice. Voice recorder is a best choice. Other names which you can call it: voice recorder, audio recorder, sound recorder.
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Audio Recorder Main Features:
•Record high-quality PCM and AAC, or use AMR to save space
•Share and manage your recordings easily, and back them up to your computer
•Record in the background and control the recorder with a home screen widget
The voice recorder app comes with many pro features that offers additional power and control . Some of the additional features that you can enjoy on supported devices are as follows:
•Record in Stereo
•Record with a Bluetooth microphone
•Boost input volume with microphone software gain
•Skip silent parts
•Manage and organize your recordings with folders, and save recordings to your SD card
•Switch to the camcorder microphone for clear recording
•Control the recorder from anywhere using the status bar.



Version: 5.68

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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