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Smart Seha is an innovative platform that is changing the face of healthcare.
We believe that access to medical attention is a right that should not be limited by physical boundaries. When our members need to talk to a doctor, have a question about their medication, or need a second opinion, Smart Seha makes it as easy as picking up your phone.
With a team consisting of Doctors, Data Analysts, and Healthcare Experts, we draw upon years of knowledge in the region to offer you a wide range of products and services aimed at increasing quality and access to healthcare while decreasing costs.
The Call A Doctor service puts you in touch with a licensed physician in Dubai, while the Ask A Doctor service connects you to a network of over 20,000 specialists worldwide. Simply download our smartphone app on your iPhone or Android device, or login to our web portal to get instant access to these services as well as a host of other tools that allow you to track and manage your own health.
There when you need it the most, Smart Seha's Second Opinion service brings you the best medical advice from the world's leading medical centers.
We look forward to working with you towards a healthier future for all.



Version: 1.3

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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