Snore Stopper Daddy GAGA

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How to use
I want to do something with my snore.
Daddy Gaga is an application that can control your snore with vibration and allarm.
Adjust the volume bar and set the volume.
It will perceive sound when it pass over the green line.
Try snoring and find the just right volume.
Set the finish time.
Press the start button to start.
After all is just sleep.
It will perceive the sound of the snore and notice you with vibration.
It is Android wear-compliant.
Just set the terminal in pairs and it will notice your snore.!
You can add functions below with payment!
※Charging in application
Registration your e-mail address and Free usage for one week
Setting reaction of the time of the snore in seconds
Selecting vibration and allarm
recording mode of the snore



Version: 1.3.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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