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Software Testing Tutorials is a best learning app for fresh professional testers to gain basic concepts.
Interview Questions and Answers are also provides you a wide range of interview questions that an organization demands from candidates.
App Features:
-Manual Testing Basic Concepts
-Types Of Testing
-Advantages and Disadvantages
-Interview Questions and Answers
-Automation Testing Tools Information
-Mobile testing basics
Topics Covered:
-Fundamentals of Testing
-Introduction to Testing
-System Development Life cycle
-Testing Terminology
-Black box Testing
-White box Testing
-Grey Box Testing
-Performance Testing
-Progression and Regression Testing
-Mutation Testing
-Ad-Hoc Testing
-Mobile Testing
-Risk Analysis
-Risk Management
-Test Case Template
-Test Case design
-Test Plans and strategies.

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What's New Software Testing

-Software testing tutorial, Certifications and Interview QA.
-Simple UI
-Fast Performance



Version: 4.5

Requires: Android 4 or later



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