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A location tracker and photo geotagger, which doesn't use battery hogging GPS, WIFI or even a gprs connection! Can record locations as long as you are connected to a mobile network. Save battery during long journeys and save on data expenses.
• Offline location tracking.
• Sharing of your location via SMS.
• Detailed view of tracked routes on map.
• Automatic batch geotagging of photos.
• Backup and restoring of saved data to sdcard
*** Accuracy of location by cell tower is low, ranging from 500m to sometimes even 4KM. This app will be useful only if you are travelling tens or hundreds of KMs and if you dont mind accuracy.
*** To resolve the recorded cell IDs into geo coordinates, you need internet. You can do this anytime later, maybe after you are back to home.
Location tracking:
This app works by logging cell tower id. You can specify the time interval. When the app is in background, and is recording locations, it doesn't keep running forever. It runs only at the specified intervals and closes. So, it hardly uses any resources and is task killer friendly.
• Geotagging pics:
To geotag pics, just put this app in recording mode while you click photos. When you get to home, you just need to resolve the locations recorded and geotag the pics.
Geotagging is done by selecting a location from your records, based on the time when the picture was taken.
I added this because I don't want GPS-like accuracy in photos, but just want to know whether it was taken near the Taj Mahal or at the railway station area. And waiting for GPS to fix before photographing life's short moments is not always possible. Not to mention additional data expenses if you use AGPS. And your battery dying just before one of those precious moments...



Version: 2.9

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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