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Command the power of the sun ignite searing plasma eruptions and solar storms.droidlife.comquot;...damn is it pretty and feature packed.quot;androidtapp.comquot;...stellar aesthetics, this will be a treat for you.quot;Power the sun with your phone.Command the power of Apollo and ignite an explosive, volatile, torrid storm of searing plasma eruptions, blow outs and flares. All with the touch of a finger, and all without the deadly radiation, vacuum of space, billions of dollars, or searing your eyeballs.Float in space among stars and asteroids while feasting your eyes on beautiful, mesmerizing solar storms. Select different view options to fly around this completely 3D stunning sun.Immerse yourself with custom options like asteroids, stars, glare level, color of the sun, constant color cycling and touch to cause flares. Change the intensity of solar activity to go from serene fusion fascination to pure blazing frenzy.Feel the power of the sun or just relax in your sun drenched happy place each time you use your device.Looks great on phones and tablets. Requests or problems? Please email info@thormedia.netwith details and your device model so we can help.Got solar power?



Version: Asteroid Destroyer

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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