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Solar System 3D is an educational application for anyone interested in our amazing space to get information. Solar System Scope is a fun way of Exploring, Discovering,wealth of information and Playing with the Solar System,planets and Outer Space. solar system 3d is a space exploration app. You can explore information and experience the celestial objects with augmented reality. The position and orbits of the planets are real according to date and time. Start your fascinating journey of planets in space through the realms of space and explore the universe we live in. this app contain all the solar system information. Solar system 3D : space view Simulator contains many views using realistic models and celestial simulations and brings you closer to the furthest reaches of our world space and lets you experience lots of fantastic space sceneries.
3D Encyclopedia
In solar system 3d : space view planets encyclopedia you will know about the most interesting facts of every planet, dwarf planet, every major moon and more and everything is accompanied by realistic 3D visualizations. Solar System 3d space view simulator is well suited for all audiences and ages. This is very enjoyed by space enthusiasts, teachers, scientists and the Solar system is successfully used even by children of 4+ years of age. this is a concepts of time and three-dimensional space view. It clears you about Black hole, White hole and Worm hole working in 3d view. Please check out their 3d working model that will explaining you their purpose.
- Mercury 3D model
- Venus 3D model
- Earth 3D model
- Mars 3D model
- Jupiter 3D model
- Saturn 3D model
- Uranus 3D model
- Neptune 3D model
- Pluto 3D model
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Version: 1.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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