Sons das Zueiras 1

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Comics | 46.0MB


With Sounds of Zueiras you can send the best memes of Brazil straight to people's social networks. You can also save the audio in your favorite location leaving easier!
* Every week with updated:
Always have a novelty in this country "zueria" and the Sons of Zueiras will launch every week a new audio so you never run out of fun.
* All Memes!
Various categories, with the best internet memes in one application
* Works OffLine
The Sons of Zueiras weighs only 38MB on your mobile, not so heavy.
 Sounds are stored on your device, so you can diss the guys where are without relying on the internet ..
* New Category:
All the times we update the app, there is a category of new sounds, there you will always find something new.
* Made for you:
It has an audio you want to be added to the app?
Go to the Review app and send your suggestion!
* Here the fun has power:
Sounds of Zueiras to listen and share with your friends on whatsapp.
Leave your conversations and its many more groups;
Diss and make fun with friends from school, work and family;



Version: 1.9.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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