Sounds Rain: Relax and sleep

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Are you looking for the best relaxation music with the sound of rain or rain sounds?
✔ will relax the mind and eliminate stress has never been easier with your app
Sounds Rain: Relax & Sleep
. The human mind is stressed daily work, daily chores and lack of time to rest. Thanks to your headphones you will internalize and sleep deeply with the sound of rain, thunder and music. Say goodbye to insomnia with your app sounds of rain, you'll see as with each passing day your dreams will be deeper, you will wake up with a better rest, sleep better and so can face the day with more energy.
✔ With the app
Sounds Rain: Relax & Sleep
you will find a large group of rain-related sounds, thunder and all accompanied by relaxing music will help you sleep well. Now you will want to go to bed early to listen to your favorite sounds of rain and storm. Thanks to these sounds will increase your concentration on the day, you can perform meditation exercises with your app and you will see how your mind is clear and calm.

Learn about the different types of rain sounds that you have your favorite app:

- Rain in the forest: transport yourself to a forest and hear the sound falling from trees.
- Rain on the street: Imagine sitting / a on a bench and feel like falling water in the puddles in the street.
- Heavy rain storm: noise feels a real summer storm.
- Rain in the Park: remember your childhood in the park with those muddy puddles.
- Rain under the tree: resguardandote feel the rain under a tree.
- Storm in the field: enjoy the sound of thunder and lightning.
- Rainy night with crickets: a real summer night with the window as if it were open.
- Tropical Storm: traveling to the tropics and imagine those palm trees swaying in the wind
- Rain in the garden: feels like the drops fall on the grass.
- The rain on the tin roof: listening to the muffled sound of raindrops hitting the cold metal.
- Rain under the umbrella: like you're right in that umbrella lifetime.
- The rain against the window reminds those drops on the glass as they fall and make different rivers through the window.
- Distant storm: revive those moments when a storm is coming.
- Clear night: that sweet sirimiri from the sheets of your bed.
- Heavy rain on the windshield: a coming and going of the windshield wiping Moon car.
- Rain on leaves: feel the intermittent sound between the leaves of a grove.
- Heavy rain in the garden: the moment when the water on the skin is appreciated.
- Drip water: a constant dripping sound typical of a leaky faucet.
- Wind and rain.
Relax and sleep is now possible
✔ Industry experts recommend listening to the soothing sounds break to sleep, as long as the volume in which you put the headphones as if it is a high volume can cause the opposite effect is controlled. Gone are the days when you were with umbrella avoiding a storm, now just you want to listen to the rain fall. Revive those summer nights in which suddenly falls a real tropical storm, but this time to relax your mind and sleep in a simple and efficient manner.
The benefits Rain Sounds brings you: Relax & Sleep
✔ Improve your life with these sounds of nature. With the real effects, designed by experts in sounds and zen music, you can hear sounds like you're inside a tent in a storm or in a house in the jungle with a heavy rain outside. Works better your insomnia and to have a better sleep, remember that these exercises regularly will help you disconnect from your problems easily the best relaxing rain sounds.



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