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Space Cleaner is a FREE utility that can make any smartphone faster. It will remove all the junk files from your device, as well as clear the cache and protect you from performance-killing apps.
Space Cleaner is a smartphone cache cleaner compatible with most of the Android devices. You can make your mobile phone work significantly faster using this app. The app can boost the speed of your smartphone’s memory, make its CPU cooler, and free up phone storage space. It will also improve the battery efficiency, so you will be able to use your Android device for a longer period without charging. You will expand your smartphone’s capabilities and make it operate much faster with Space Cleaner.
Do you want to get rid of unnecessary files? Are you tired of lags? Does the battery life of your smartphone leaves much to be desired? Download Space Cleaner now and solve all these problems!
The app can optimize your smartphone to make it work better than ever before. It will delete all the junk files without touching your personal photos and documents. Moreover, Space Cleaner will optimize background apps and cool down the CPU. Last but not least, the Battery Saving feature allows improving the battery life by making your device more energy efficient.
? Space Cleaner features:
✔️ Junk Files Remover: deletes unnecessary files.
Junk Files Remover automatically analyzes files on your Android device to identify unnecessary files. You can easily delete them to free up memory space. Do not worry about your personal files: the app will not touch them.
✔️ App Cache Cleaner: cleans unused cache files.
Space Cleaner conducts a deep analysis of your apps to find useless app cache files and safely remove them. This feature frees up space on a smartphone without corrupting useful files.
✔️ One-tap Boost: make your phone faster with a single tap.
If you do not have time to optimize your smartphone manually, just use the One-tap Boost feature. It allows you to boost the overall performance of the device with only one tap.
✔️ Memory Booster: make smartphone apps run faster.
The built-in Memory Booster improves the smartphone’s RAM and disables unused background tasks. It can make your device work much faster.
✔️ CPU Cooler: prevent overheating of your device.
Using Space Cleaner, you can cool down the CPU temperature with a single tap to prevent overheating.
✔️ Battery Saver: optimize battery-inefficient apps to improve battery life.
Using the built-in Battery Saver, you can improve your smartphone’s battery life with just one tap. The app will also remind you to save battery when the power is low.



Version: 1.36

Requires: Android 5 or later


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